Professionale Biologique (organic) Farmacy, shortly known as Pro Organic farmacy registered in 2007 as a private Agri- business partnership firm by Agri-business Professionals having vast experience in certified organic food business as well as Modern certified organic farming practices.

Pro Organic farmacy has formed to establish sustainable association with organic producers (farmers, NGOs, Co-operatives, SHG & Companies etc) and organic consumers, by procuring certified organic produce at premium price and selling at affordable price to consumers and at competitive price to exporters & to global market as well.

Pro Organic professionals offers contract organic project management & Internal control system for organized organic agricultural farming with group certification system for farmers / group of farmers / NGO’s / Co-operatives & SHG / Companies etc .

Vision & Mission

Vision: To become an efficient major player in the area of technology development, procurement, production, product development and marketing of organic products through development of awareness and infrastructure.

Mission: To provide value-addition to ecology, environment, human health by encouraging the use of safe, health, non-toxic and eco-friendly foodstuffs and organically produced food products and through a collaborative approach in the agri-business value chain by the implementation of sustainable, environment friendly agri-business methodologies and practices.

Core Strengths

The pro Organic professionals core strengths lie in its

  •   Young and dynamic leadership with professional organic team.
  •   Panel of scientific and technical advisors from IIT –Delhi.
  •   Well organized marketing and business development network.
  •   Established business associations with the retail giant Reliance fresh.
  •   Establishing business association with all emerging retailers in India & abroad.
  •   All over India about 50,000 certified organic farmer’s net work, certified under various certification agencies, for uninterrupted supply of all the certified organic products.
  •   Pro organic food products are certified under NPOP- Indian Organic standard, NOP- American Organic standards and EU European organic standards.
  •   Pro organic products are certified by Lacon quality certification Germany, accredited by APEDA –Govt of India and recognized worldwide for its certification standards.
  •   Pro organic products are periodically tested by IIT Delhi for its guaranteed 100 % chemical free nature as well as 100 % nutritional parameters.
  •   Pro organic professionals has technically guided & supported by Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi and Khadi and village Industries commission -Govt. of India, Mumbai. Through NA-MGIRI a collaborative project under ministry of Agro & Rural Industries.

Organic Policy

We are committed to the principles of Organic farming, procurement and Marketing includes:

  •   “Affordable Price” to consumer for certified organic foods, by procuring directly from farmers.
  •   “Easy Accessible” to consumers by supplying through retail chains, malls and supermarkets etc.
  •   “Premium Price” to the farmers for their certified organic products, to encourage them to continue the organic farming to develop sustainable organic Agriculture.
  •   Develop “healthy lifestyle” to people by creating awareness and marketing certified organic foods.
  •   Create and maintain the “safe and hazardous free environment” to farmers in field and workers in processing and packing premises.
  •   Complying with the requirements of “NPOP of India, NOP of USA and EU of European union” Organic standard and all legal requirements.
  •   Reliability, traceability and extensive system for maintaining the highest possible standards for quality control.

Core Values

At Pro Organic farmacy, we are committed to:

PROVIDE 100 % satisfaction to our customers and 100% guaranteed Organic quality with organic integrity and also continuously improving and maintaining the overall performance to sustain the organic integrity.

MAINTAIN the highest ethical standards- intellectual, moral, and commercial, and our firm commitment, through our conduct and long term relationships with customers, employees, stakeholders and other business associates of the organization

BUILD professional teams that are highly motivated for teamwork with interpersonal capabilities to provide a framework for developing complete value in commercial relationships.

FULFILL Environment responsibility we are focused on creating an awareness of the importance of protecting the natural environment, and implementing processes and practices that promotes the growth of agri-business in an eco-friendly manner.

ESTABLISH an organized network for marketing of organic agro-products in the domestic and global markets with fair trade certification to establish an ecologically sustainable economically viable agri-business practices and methodologies